Why People Choose Professional Cleaning Services in St. Louis

House Cleaning Services in St. Louis

St. Louis is the largest metropolitan area in Missouri. According to the United States Census Bureau, its estimated population as of July 2016 was 323,127,513 and 2,812,000 of those residing in the metro (1), with a total working age population of 1,683,496 (2). Its major industries are Bio-science, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Trade, Transportation of Goods, Tourism, and Service. It is also home to major universities such as Washington University in St. Louis, where the first Olympiad in the US was held in 1904, and St. Louis University.

It has a very rich art and culture background and has seen a massive explosion of its theatre, music, visual arts, and fashion industries over the last decade. It is home to museums like the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, multiple film festivals, and Italian restaurants. The Cardinals (National Football League) has 10 World Series victories out of 17 appearances (3). You might also recognize some of its famous residents: Chuck Berry (singer and guitarist), T. S. Elliot (poet), John Goodman (actor), Kevin Kline (actor), and Yogi Berra (baseball player).

As stated in SHRM’s (Society for Human Resource Management) Metro Economic Outlook: St. Louis updated in January 2017, a series of large-scale, private-sector expansions in the St. Louis region are adding thousands of jobs to local payrolls. The unemployment rate is at a 15-year low of 4.3% (4).

In case you are part of the statistics stated above, then it is understandable that you work during the day, and do the chores when you get home. You may be very familiar with the difficulty of trying to do everything within a very limited time. You and your family members (even students) keep very hectic schedules, often leaving household chores at the bottom of your priority list. A clean home is essential to the health and hygiene of the family, in addition to the overall appearance of your house. If you find yourself running short of time for cleaning, then it is time to consider looking for House Cleaning Services in St. Louis.

Hiring cleaning professionals will allow you to decide when you want your house to be cleaned on a regular basis, instead of finding the time to do it yourself. These cleaners are experts in cleaning techniques and know the best products to use for your home needs. Having them in your home will free up time for you to spend with family, enjoy your hobbies, or simply rest from a stressful day/week you had at work. You need not be exhausted with cleaning the house while keeping up with the demands of work, and other aspects of your personal and social life.

Maids For STL is the best house cleaning company in St. Louis. We have a two-person team who work with one another to streamline the process and save time AND money. We have a 200% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service, in addition to re-cleaning your house. You can securely pay online when the cleaning is done. Our cleaners undergo identity checks and thorough interviews so you can be assured that we only hire the best.

Hiring us will prove to be more efficient, economical, and convenient than doing the job yourself. Our cleaning standards, methods, equipment, and products will ensure that your home will have nothing short of the best. Our cleaners are trained in dealing with certain chemicals. They are evaluated based on your feedback and their cleaning abilities. We can also tailor a cleaning program that will fit your schedule.

So rest up, and let the experts take care of what they do best.


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If you have Pets, here is a Owner’s Guide to Keeping the House Clean

Around 85 million families or 68% of households in the US have pets which only shows how much we love having pets at home. Pets make us happy every day except for days when you have to clean up all the mess they made which makes you question why you have pets. While keeping your house clean and smelling good may be a handful when you are a pet owner, it is certainly not impossible. There are several ways for you to keep your house clean so it doesn’t smell like a pet home even when you have cats or dogs running around.

Brush your pet

Pet hair is one of the biggest challenges pet owners face in their home. However, pesky pet hair can be reduced with proper pet grooming. Regular brushing, or daily brushing for those with thicker or long coats, reduces shedding while keeping your dog’s skin and fur healthy by spreading essential oils. A quick brushing to get the coat out a few times a week can significantly help in minimizing the hair scattered around your place. Once it’s in the brush, it won’t be on the floor. Brush your pet outside if possible so you won’t need to clean up the floor after.

Bath time is essential

Bathing your pet routinely is important to keep your house smelling fresh. However, you must remember that too many baths can dry out your dog’s skin. Most dogs only require bathing every few weeks or when they become too stinky. When it comes to cats, they will clean themselves except when they are elderly or ill.

Since dogs do not require a frequent bath, between baths, you can wipe them down with a damp towel or pet wipes to clean up loose dirt and keep them smelling good.

Choose the right fabric for your couch

If you intend to let your pet sit on your couch, it will be best to get the right fabric for it. Some fabrics are easier to clean while others, like velvet, are fur magnets. Opt for a leather couch or those with microfiber as these are way easier to clean than silk which can get stained easily. It is also advisable to choose the color of the fabric that matches the color of your pet’s fur so the hair won’t be noticeable on your couch.

Use the right tools

When it comes to cleaning, you should invest in vacuum cleaners and spot removers that are specially designed to clean up your pet’s mess. Portable pet vacuums with turbo settings are preferable for you to maximize the use of your vacuum for cleaning up your pet’s fur. You should also make spot cleaning a habit. Always spot clean a mess as soon as it happens since it will be easier for you to clean it up and deal with the odor right away. Professional Cleaning Services St Louis know the importance of using the right tools in cleaning after your pet since pet furs and odors are not easy to deal with.

Seek professional help

It is best to hire Professional Cleaning Services St Louis MO at least once a month to make sure that your house is clean and safe for your family. There are times when you will be too busy and fail to clean up your pet’s mess right away causing nasty odors to lurk in your home. For times like this, hiring a St Louis Cleaning Service will be the right choice.

Having a clean home is possible with the right steps and the right tools in cleaning. Having a pet shouldn’t be an excuse to have an unclean home. An expert St Louis Cleaning Service will always be at your service when things go out of hand. Remember that your home is your sanctuary and keeping it smelling fresh is possible even with pets.