House Cleaning Services in St. Louis: Myths and Realities

house cleaning in St. Louis, MO

With a hectic professional and family life, especially in the busy town of St. Louis, cleaning services can be a boon. It is increasingly becoming difficult to dedicate a couple of hours every day to house cleaning activities like dusting, mopping etc. Instead of taking out half a day to complete these tasks, people are choosing house cleaning services in St. Louis.

However, there are various myths attached to the profession. These could result from a lack of understanding and the service being relatively new in the market. Until a century ago, house cleaning services were something designated only for the wealthy. However, with the burgeoning economy and increasing personal responsibilities, they have become a common need.

We debunk the 5 common myths that are associated with house cleaning services in St. Louis:

  1. House Cleaning is Easy

The myth that house cleaning is easy stems from the profession being mainly physical in nature. What this myth does not consider is that it requires not only physical effort but also planning and knowledge. The working hours are long and require attention to details at all times. It also demands the know-how of the latest methods of cleaning and equipment usage.

  1. House Cleaning doesn’t require skill

This myth is supported by the argument that many people hiring house cleaning in St. Louis, MO used to do it themselves at one point. However, there is a stark difference between how a regular homemaker would look at housecleaning and how a professional worker would. Cleaning professionals sanitize the entire house and pay strict attention to hygiene. They target areas that are easy to miss and make sure the entire house is ridden of dirt.

  1. House Cleaning Business is Simple

This myth is easily debunked with facts. House cleaning business involves dealing with a lot of human resources. It is highly challenging to maintain track of individual timings and skill levels of all cleaners. On the other hand, there are customer requests and complaints to be dealt with on a daily basis. Cleaning business owners must be available throughout the day and be extremely responsive as compared to other businesses.

  1. House Cleaners are slow

It is a common perception that house cleaners are slow and probably lethargic. What people do not realize is that their standards of cleanliness are much higher than a regular person cleaning his house. They spend time on eradicating filth from corners of the house which are usually left ignored.

  1. House Cleaners are forgetful

Clients must realize that the cleaner visiting their house might be covering 3 or more houses in the area. Every house has its own peculiarities and every client has their own specific demands. It is challenging to keep up-to-date with all these specifications and sometimes may lead to confusion or oversight. It is the same with every other professional who juggles more than one gig at a time.

With house cleaning in St. Louis, MO becoming an established profession, it is natural to expect new myths emerging. What is important is a sense of empathy to understand the point of view of all parties involved.

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