Cleaning Hacks for a Quick House Clean Up

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House cleaning might be one of the dreaded house chores for busy people especially working moms. Going home to a clean house after a long day certainly feels good and not having to sweat a lot in keeping it clean is even better. Not everyone has time for lengthy scrubbing, washing, and organizing that’s why expert Cleaning Services in St Louis, MO are there to do the dirty work for you. If you want to get a hands-on house cleaning, here are a few cleaning hacks to help you save time in making your home sparkly clean.

Always clean from top to bottom

Top to bottom then left to right cleaning approach helps you save time in cleaning. If you happen to vacuum the floor before dusting the shelves, you will have to clean the floor all over again which is such a time waster. An organized cleaning approach is more efficient and can help you avoid missing a spot.

Fake it sometimes

When you just got home and your friends suddenly texted you that they’re coming over, one helpful hack in dealing with your pile of dishes is by hiding them. Stack them neatly in the sink then cover them by placing a clean wash cloth over the stack or by placing a large wooden cutting board on the sink. This gives the illusion of having clean dishes that just need to be dried and put away.

Use rubber gloves in picking up your pet’s fur

Lint rollers may be the first thing that comes to mind when picking up fur but some of your pet’s hair may still be left behind when using them. Using damp rubber gloves is recommended in cleaning up loads of fur from your couch since the hair will stick to the gloves effectively.

Deodorize your garbage disposal with ice cubes

Dealing with a stinky garbage disposal is actually easy since all you need to do is feed it with frozen vinegar. Make ice cubes out of vinegar then stuff them into your garbage disposal. Turn it on to grind the cubes then flush it with water. Don’t let your garbage disposal smell again with this easy trick.

Do small cleaning jobs every day

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Doing small cleaning jobs daily will help you avoid dealing with nasty dirt or stains. This is especially helpful in kitchens and bathrooms.

For bathrooms:

  • Spraying an all-purpose cleaner in your bathroom after you shower in the morning can help in preventing mold formation and help you reduce the need for scrubbing in your cleaning day.
  • Wiping your sink after every use can help in eliminating toothpaste stains.

For kitchens:

  • Wiping your appliances with a natural degreaser after dinner time can help in preventing the buildup of grease and from gathering dust.
  • Always put your dishes and utensils away once they are clean to keep your kitchen looking clean and tidy.
  • Baking soda and vinegar are helpful in loosening those nasty gunk at the bottom of the pan but if they are hard to remove, let your pot or pan soak overnight for easy scrubbing.

These are just some of the tricks that you can do for easy house cleaning but if you think that your home requires a major clean up but you do not have time for general cleaning, Maids for STL’s House Cleaning in St Louis can help you in your house cleaning needs. Having a busy schedule takes tons of family time from you so do not spend your quality time with your family in cleaning your house. Avail of Maids for STL’s Cleaning Services in St Louis, MO and enjoy your well-deserved time off with the ones you love.

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