9 Essential Questions to Ask before Hiring a Saint Louis Cleaning Service

9 Essential Questions to Ask before Hiring a Saint Louis Cleaning Service

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1. Who will have access to my home and how?

When you hire a cleaning company, you are inviting strangers into your home. Before making a decision, determine who will have access to your house, and how that access will be granted. Is there a central office where the keys to all houses are kept? How is access to those keys controlled? If you have a code lock on your house, how will the access to the code be controlled? You don’t want anyone walking around with a list of addresses and key codes on it.

2. Who is responsible if something in my house is damaged during the service? Do you carry insurance?

Any reputable company will carry insurance, and should be happy to let you check with their insurance provider to confirm coverage. $2M is adequate coverage, though some companies do manage with only $1M. This policy is in place to protect you against loss or damage to your property. Accidents can happen to anyone. You need to know that, if a cleaner were to trip while vacuuming the dining room and fall into the china cabinet, that the cleaning company has a policy that is adequate to cover the damage. It’s true than an uninsured company will appear to be less expensive. That is because, when using those companies, the customer is actually providing the insurance, as it is the customer who will end up paying for any issues that may arise.

3. How much experience does your company have in the cleaning industry?

Even if the company is brand new, you want to know that the people you are entrusting to your house know what they’re doing. Look for owners and managers who have extensive experience in cleaning private residences, and can provide references from former satisfied clients.

4. How do I know your employees are safe? Do they undergo any type of background check?

It is extremely important that you are able to trust the people going in and out of your home. One of the reasons one hires a company is so the leg work of verifying a cleaner’s background. At the very least, references should be confirmed and a criminal background check performed. Your cleaning company should be happy to show you proof of this anytime you ask. The same standards should be applied to independent contractors, who should be happy to show you a copy of their own background check, at no cost to you.

5. Are your employees trained to any specific standard?

Some companies assume that anyone can clean a house, and they will hire a new employee and then send them off to jobs without actually verifying the cleaner’s skills. This can result in uneven work, and every crew may perform to a different standard. A truly great cleaning company will have a training process that each new employee must undergo, as well as ongoing refreshers. These companies will be happy to share their methods, as well as documentation proving that any particular employee has completed training. This is the only way to assure a consistent job no matter which crew is assigned to your house on a given day.

6. How will I know what services are to be performed?

If you ask five of your friends, each of them will have slightly different idea of what must be done to give a house a complete cleaning. Cleaning companies are no different. One company may include cleaning the inside of the microwave in every standard cleaning, while another company may consider that part of a deep cleaning but not include it in a standard cleaning. Before hiring a cleaner, you should be provided with a list of what services will be performed and have any questions you may have answered. Things to check for include doing dishes, emptying trash, and changing bed linens, all of which may vary from company to company. Without a list of exactly what are included, it is impossible to compare the value of one company’s service to another’s. Knowing what to expect will also help you to determine if the job has been done to your standards.

7. How do you assure that each job is performed well? How do you check the quality of your employees’ work?

Any reputable company will have a way of confirming the quality of their cleaners’ work. This may include comment cards, phone calls to check the customer’s satisfaction, and regular quality checks. Ask your company who is in charge of quality assurance and what methods are used to assure that each and every job is completed to a consistent standard of quality.

8. If I’m not pleased with your service, what are my resources?

It is important to know what you can expect if you’re not happy with the service that you’ve received. You want a company that will make it a priority either to fix the issue or to refund your money. A discount on your next service is not a reasonable solution. Why would you want to hire a company that has not met your standards in the first place?

9. Do I need to provide the cleaning products and equipment?

Ideally, any company you use will provide all of their own equipment and supplies. This insures that their employees know how to use the tools they are using, and are less likely to make mistakes. Using the wrong cleaner or wrong tool can destroy your property (imagine using scouring pads on your marble counter tops). Also, remember that if you’re buying the cleaning supplies then you are effectively adding hundreds of dollars per year to the costs of the service. If you have specific requirements due to allergies or other concerns, discuss this with the company before you hire them.

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